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Established in 2003, ICE Clinic is a medi spa centre based in Beckenham Kent, over the years we have helped 1000's of clients to feel more confident about the way they look, we're not just a beauty salon or just a cosmetic clinic, we are both! We specialise in offering the best researched treatment, that can make real, natural looking improvement.
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As a woman of colour I've always found it very difficult to entrust in products or treatments that could help improve my very sensitive hyper pigmented skin. Before I came to Julie, my skin was in a bad way, damaged from harsh peels and products and acne. I had tried everything within my budget and nothing seemed to work, however from my first consultation I was put at ease. Julie and her practice offers a diversified portfolio of treatments and services that caters towards my skin type. For many years I've never felt so confident with my skin, the improvement over the 5 years that I've been a devoted customer has been incredible.

I have full trust in Julie's knowledge, expertise and skills that I refuse to go elsewhere, the Ice Clinic has over the years become my home from home and my little secret. What's more important is that after each appointment my skin always looks drastically better.


We offer a complete range of injectable gels...
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Call us on:020 8650 9595
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