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Eyelash Extention Specialists

Mega Volume Lashes £70

Mega volume often known as Vegas volume are for those who prefer a fuller lash. We use wide fluffy handmade fans to give a full Vegas volume look and a secret trade top to achieve a full wispy set of lashes.

Russian Lashes £65

These are the most popular style of lashes. They style and thickness can be tailored to your preference and also your eye shape. A go to for lash lovers! All fans used for Russians are handmade.

Hybrid Lashes £65

These are for those who prefer a lighter wispier lash look. They are a mix of handmade fans and classic lashes.

Classic Lashes £55

For those who love lashes but prefer a natural lash this style is perfect. Using a 1:1 ratio we stick one individual lash on one of your natural lashes. Please note a good set of natural lashes allows for the best result with classic lashes.

Meet the team

Hayley - Therapist
Victoria - Therapist
Amy - Therapist
Dr Emily Bailey Aesthetics
Nurse Nicola
Lucy - Vanity Lab London
Rosie Bellington
Gillian - Relexologist
Mr Brian Cast