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Laser can be used to achieve permanent hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroys the hair follicle. At ICE Clinic we use medical Grade 4 Alexanderite Laser/ ND Yag. For permanent results it is likely to take up to 8 sessions. A patch test and consultation is required.

Lip £37 Bikini £52
Chin £42 G-string £67
Lip and chin £52 Brazilian £77
Lower face £82 Hollywood £87
Nose/ears £27 Half leg upper £162
Underarms £57 Half leg lower £132
Half arm £82 Full leg £202
Full arm £132 Feet and toes £47
Nipples £37 Chest £122
Tummy line £42 Stomach £112
Hands and fingers £47 Front torso £192
    Back inc shoulders £227


Should there be difficult or stubborn hair growth to remove Lycon Hot Waxes can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without causing skin trauma or irritation.

Lycon strip waxes are used super thinly, they remove the shortest of hairs, do not leave a sticky residue and are virtually pain free too!

Eyebrows £12 Eyebrows £12
Underarms £12 Nose £12
1/2 Arm £20 Lip OR Chin £12
Full arm £30 Lip AND Chin £16
Chest £27 Underarms £18
Back £32 Bikini £24
1/2 Leg £29 G-String £30
3/4 Leg £35 Brazilian £40
Full leg £39 Hollywood £42


Electrolysis is a method of treating unwanted hair. Unwanted hair may be caused by medical conditions such as hirsutism, hypertrichosis and other disorders. Treatments using the Sterex Thermolysis – RF diathermy current will not cure any medical conditions causing unwanted hair.

The purpose of this treatment is to achieve cosmetic improvements to reduce hair growth using Sterex Thermolysis – RF.

There are certain risks associated with Electrolysis treatments and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Redness, localised swelling and mild tenderness
  • Although rare, adverse side effects such as light burns, blisters, minimal bleeding and bruises may occur
  • On occasion, Electrolysis treatment may cause temporary pigmentation changes to the skin (certain skin types are more susceptible to this side effect – Fitzpatrick types from 3-6)

Aftercare for this treatment is cruical:

  • Excessive heat should be avoided for 48 hours
  • Exposure to the sun, sun beds and/or fake tan must be avoided for 14 days before and after the treatment. A sun block of SPF 30+ must be used on the exposed skin areas. Otherwise, it is possible that blotchy skin pigmentation, hyper – or hypo – pigmentation may occur.
15 minutes £30
30 minutes £40
Electrolysis can also be used to remove thread veins, skin tags, blood spots, common warts, plane warts, seborrheic warts, Planter warts, Age spots, Coco (pore reduction) Starting from £75 a session


A method of hair removal in which unwanted hairs are plucked out by using a twisted cotton thread

Eyebrows £10 Upper lip £10
Chin £10 Neck £11
Lowerface £17 Sides fo face £10

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